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2014-03-21 Stelios Voutsinas RELEASE-NOTES.txt at top of main firethorn tree1.9.7-release
2014-03-24 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-23 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-23 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-22 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-22 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-22 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-21 Dave Morris Replacing TWOMASS JDBC data source with the corresponding TAP service1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-21 Stelios Voutsinas Added release/tap notes to 1.9.7-release1.9.7-release
2014-03-21 Stelios Voutsinas (stv) TAP job notes1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-20 Stelios Voutsinas 1.9.7 Release notes txt file1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-20 Dave Morris Test query triggering NullPointer in DQP1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-19 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-19 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-19 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-19 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-19 Dave Morris Adding test resources for distributed queries1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-18 Dave Morris ....1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-18 Dave Morris ....
2014-03-18 Dave Morris Creating [branch-1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp]1.9.8-zrq-ogsadai-dqp
2014-03-18 Dave Morris Added tag version-1.9.8-dev-SNAPSHOT for changeset c8031226b6e3
2014-03-18 Dave Morris Snapshot [version-1.9.8-dev-SNAPSHOT]version-1.9.8-dev-SNAPSHOT
2014-03-18 Dave Morris Merging [branch-1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data] into [1.9.7-dev-SNAPSHOT]
2014-03-18 Dave Morris Closing [branch-1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data]1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data
2014-03-11 Dave Morris ....
2014-03-04 Dave Morris ....1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data
2014-03-03 Dave Morris Notes ...
2014-03-07 Stelios Voutsinas TAP/Async query/tests now work but not with initially empty query1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-06 Stelios Voutsinas TAP/Async transactional spring fixes/refactoring1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-06 Stelios Voutsinas TapTestCase small fix1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-06 Stelios Voutsinas TAP/UWSJob/UWSFactory minor changes1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-05 Stelios Voutsinas New UWSJobFactory class/ Fixing autowired/factories issue with UWSJob1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-05 Stelios Voutsinas UWSJob, changing how query update works1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-05 Stelios Voutsinas TAP changes ( & getResults()1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-05 Stelios Voutsinas Fix to firethorn-webapp configuration and TAP test1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-04 Stelios Voutsinas Closing [branch-1.9.5-stv-tap]1.9.5-stv-tap
2014-03-04 Stelios Voutsinas Merged 1.9.5-stv-tap changes with 1.9.7-release1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-03-04 Stelios Voutsinas Creating [branch-1.9.7-stv-tap]1.9.7-stv-tap
2014-02-27 Stelios Voutsinas Tap testing and some changes to async1.9.5-stv-tap
2014-02-25 Dave Morris Added comment + href1.9.7-release
2014-02-25 Stelios Voutsinas Rsync exclude .cache fix1.9.7-release
2014-02-25 Dave Morris Bug fox for the rsync script1.9.7-release
2014-02-25 Stelios Voutsinas Updated column fetching code for VOTable/Datatable controller1.9.7-release
2014-02-25 Stelios Voutsinas Added tag version-1.9.7-alpha for changeset f24dadd89c571.9.7-release
2014-02-25 Stelios Voutsinas Snapshot [version-1.9.7-alpha]1.9.7-release version-1.9.7-alpha
2014-02-14 Dave Morris ....1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data
2014-02-14 Dave Morris Adding VOResource interface(s)1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data
2014-02-20 Stelios Voutsinas Update query temp fix1.9.5-stv-tap
2014-02-16 Stelios Voutsinas Creating [branch-1.9.7-release]1.9.7-release
2014-02-16 Stelios Voutsinas Added tag version-1.9.7 for changeset 7e39b44e363a
2014-02-16 Stelios Voutsinas Snapshot [version-1.9.7]version-1.9.7
2014-02-16 Stelios Voutsinas Merging [branch-1.9.6-stv-datatables-controller] into [default]
2014-02-14 Dave Morris Creating [branch-1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data]1.9.6-zrq-ivoa-data
2014-02-14 Dave Morris ....1.9.6-zrq-community
2014-02-14 Dave Morris ....1.9.6-zrq-community
2014-02-13 Stelios Voutsinas Added column name function to AbstractTableController1.9.6-stv-datatables-controller
2014-02-13 Dave Morris Closing [branch-1.9.6-zrq-query-timing]1.9.6-zrq-query-timing
2014-02-13 Dave Morris ....
2014-02-13 Dave Morris Merging [branch-1.9.6-zrq-query-timing] into [default]
2014-02-13 Dave Morris Added INFO logging1.9.6-zrq-query-timing