age author description
2016-12-23 Stelios Removed setSize 100% from tap-autocomplete initialization1.2.3-genius
2016-12-22 Stelios Minified some more files1.2.3-genius
2016-12-22 Stelios Added minified files1.2.3-genius
2016-12-22 Stelios Fix to tap-hint.js for autocomplete bug with alias1.2.3-genius
2016-12-20 Stelios ..1.2.3-genius
2016-12-19 Stelios Updated properties with host and port for genius1.2.3-genius
2016-12-19 Stelios Updated with latest from autocomplete library1.2.3-genius
2016-12-16 Stelios Changing atlas->app in Dockerfile1.2.3-genius
2016-12-16 Stelios Remove osa prefix1.2.3-genius
2016-12-13 Stelios fixing knownIssues template1.2.3-genius
2016-12-12 Stelios Remove debug logging messages1.2.3-genius
2016-12-12 Stelios Added known issues to menu1.2.3-genius
2016-12-10 Stelios Fixing known issues page1.2.3-genius
2016-12-10 Stelios Added some knownIssues1.2.3-genius
2016-09-12 Stelios Changed how we fetch query status error message for Blue Query1.2.3-genius
2016-09-10 Stelios Changes for BlueQuery1.2.3-genius
2016-05-16 Stelios Minified versions1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-16 Stelios ..1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-16 Stelios cleanup1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-12 Stelios Added GACS as the default TAP1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-06 Stelios Fixed project setup1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-06 Stelios ..1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-06 Stelios Added ext libs1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-06 Stelios Add .project & .classpath1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-05-05 Stelios Adding documentation, small fixes to send tap resource from js client1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-29 Stelios ..
2016-04-28 Stelios ..1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-28 Stelios ..
2016-04-25 Stelios Added Monitor 97 page
2016-04-13 Stelios ..1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-13 Stelios ..
2016-04-13 Stelios crossID.js getFSLink changes
2016-04-13 Stelios Added crossID getFSLink
2016-04-12 Stelios Duplicate SELECT field error message
2016-04-11 Stelios Added a few things, testing with cadc tap1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-08 Stelios ..1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-08 Stelios ..1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-07 Stelios ..1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-04 Stelios GWT Webapp files1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-04 Stelios Creating [branch-1.3.3-stv-gwt]1.3.3-stv-gwt
2016-04-04 Stelios userdb server
2016-04-03 Stelios Autocomplete, availableTags null check fixed1.2.3-genius
2016-03-28 Stelios Added check for private DBs in Legacy form
2016-03-28 Stelios Added check for private DBs in Legacy form1.2.3-genius
2016-03-11 Stelios On database selection, fetch new catalogs for autocomplete1.2.3-genius
2016-03-10 Stelios Fixing what happens when initial catalogues are selected in the autocomplete lib1.2.3-genius
2016-03-10 Stelios Final fixes1.2.3-genius
2016-03-10 Stelios ..1.2.3-genius
2016-03-10 Stelios release history
2016-03-10 Stelios ..1.2.3-genius
2016-03-10 Stelios Filter list, remove schema_name from table_name1.2.3-genius
2016-03-10 Stelios Fixing autocomplete issue with table load init1.2.3-genius
2016-03-02 Stelios Frametype, programmes fixes
2016-03-02 Stelios frametype fix
2016-02-25 Stelios plotter icon1.2.3-genius
2016-02-25 Stelios properties fix..1.2.3-genius
2016-02-24 Stelios New plotter icon1.2.3-genius
2016-02-24 Stelios Adding GENIUS images1.2.3-genius
2016-02-24 Stelios ..1.2.3-genius
2016-02-24 Stelios sessions folder in genius branch1.2.3-genius